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Like a lot of ideas, TRABO was thought up because there was nothing filling its void. After a decision to move abroad to Spain for three months, our founder found herself buying city guides, researching online, PIN’ning places and reaching out to friends for recommendations to make the best of her trip. With city guides, word documents and text messages (sent from friends) in hand - they became useless while trying to actually navigate and figure out where she should go. And what was left was crowd-source based recommendations and her iPhone notepad. Sound familiar? After three months had passed and this idea was merely a, “what if…” - the need grew into something even more. She found herself with so much knowledge on the city she had just lived and wanted an easier way to share those places and gems with anyone who asked.

So having a place to digitally store and organize anywhere you have been or want to go, PLUS sharing your places with friends, are the core of why TRABO was created. After 2 years of researching the travel space and learning from competitors, we are finally here - with hopes to make travel more curated, easy to organize, and overall just better.



Hey - to anyone who decided to dive a little deeper into what TRABO is all about. I'm Jhoanna, a digital brand strategist who has been working in UX/UI and front-end web development for the last 5 years and founded an agency called Willa (www.willaca.com). I have been building and strategizing for other brands since Willa opened its doors. I never thought I would venture into having my own product, but when an idea sticks, it’s hard to go on day-to-day without thinking about it. It's always been a dream of mine to launch a business that uses technology to make an everyday act just a little easier. TRABO is a utility and user-first product, filling a void. Not a social platform or business-first platform. TRABO will be a trusted voice in TRAVEL, and an aggregator and organizer of all things travel - for everyone. Follow along and join the journey - @MyTrabo